I am an abstract photographic artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. I love to use my digital camera to basically ‘paint’ with light. All of my photographs are of real lights taken in everyday places. They are not computer generated and very little is done in post-production. My aim is to create and capture a composition in the moment so that there is a true making of the work in situ.

The light source comes from many different places that catch my eye and inspire me to create works. I might shoot the full moon, a cityscape, a neon sign, a lit building, reflections, christmas lights or fireworks. The lights are often motion blurred and bare no resemblance to their source. Instead they are free flowing compositions that I find exciting.

My shots are captured through long exposure and deliberate movement of the camera body and lens. My photographs radiate with uplifting, dynamic light energy involving an inter-play of colour, line, shape, movement and composition.

In my mind I like to imagine that I am capturing the electromagnetic energy of light that is beyond the vision of a human eye. I transform something that is familiar into an image that radiates with positive energy.